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queen of the phantom 24x36 acrlic
Flower Fairy 14 x16 acrylic  mixed media
we are stardust 17x12 acrylic ink  apr 2022
Ladies of the Deep 24x28 Oil
Sands of Time  24x18 water color acrylic
EgyptianPprincesses 28x22 Acrylic
fantasy acrylic  masonite 18x23 april 2021
social presure 19x25 acrylic mixed media
gypsy 14x18  acrylic mixed media
African Queen 12x12 Acrylic MM
maiden and the headress  acrylic on paper jan 2021
Beauty of the East 2ox20 Acrylic  Mixed Media
the violinist 18x24 acrylic mixed media
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